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Kirill Kabanov Motors His Way to MODO on Loan

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Kirill found North America to be a rocky place, where his career could find no purchase.

"Hello, MODO."
"Hello, MODO."
Harry How

According to MODO, "Den ryske forwarden Kirill Kabanov är klar för MODO Hockey."

In English, you can interpret that to mean the New York Islanders prospect's journey has taken him to the Swedish Elite League on loan. [Update: Transaction now confirmed by the Isles.] His career has been full of fits and starts, from injuries to reported late meetings to general crossed signals that undermine what looks like some raw talent.

A skate-cut injury mangled his 2012-13 in the first week, and his recovery was slow and uneven. He has spent the current season in AHL Bridgeport and ECHL Stockton, producing some in Stockton (after a demotion that had hints of punishment) but being a frequent healthy scratch for the Sound Tigers. He has three goals and 21 shots on goal in 16 games with the Sound Tigers this season, rarely being featured in an upper role that would, theoretically, be his target if he made the NHL.

We'll see if he gets other, better opportunities in a fresh start with MODO.

Arthur Staple of Newsday has the punchline:

The Islanders selected him when he fell to the the third round, 65th overall, of the 2010 draft, after teams shied away from him due to various off-ice rumblings. At present, the gun-shy look good, while the Isles' dice roll looks increasingly less likely to pay off.

However, his three-year entry level contract with the Islanders carries through the 2014-15 season, however, so this current mid-season loan does not spell the end. Yet.