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[Gameday Bits] Look out here's Starbreaker, cruisin' into town

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Fresh from an OT win in Denver, the Islanders roll into Dallas gunning for more.

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What the hell is happening here?
What the hell is happening here?

The Islanders have been good lately. The Dallas Stars have not. The Stars learned this first hand a few weeks ago. The Islanders no doubt remember and better be ready for a fight. Flip the tables over and bar the door.

FIG Picks for tonight's game should be filed here. It's a 6 p.m. start go get 'em in early.

Islanders links:


Tonight's special guest zambonist is Shaquille O'Neal.

Other NHL news:

  • Saturday's NHL scores. Wild days, hot and crazy nights.
  • Seen before, but the Globe and Mail's James Mirtle blasts Randy Carlyle for the Maple Leafs' continuing struggles.
  • The Panthers don't feel like paying rent anymore. I can sympathize. [Deadspin]
  • The battle of wills between the Buffalo Sabres and maligned first rounder Mikhail Grigorenko is only beginning. The latest: they sent him down to the QMJHL again, but he's not interested. []
  • Olympic Power Rankings. For all the gripes, Canada's still really, really good. [SB Nation]
  • David Poile apologized to Bobby Ryan in person for that whole flap from last week. [Sens Extra]
  • But it's too late - in a shocking heel turn, Ryan, Keith Yandle, Joe Thornton, Martin St. Louis and other snubs have been granted Slovenian citizenship and will be playing for that country in Sochi. At least, that's what I wrote.
  • Fun blog on the life of a goalie by Long Islander/philosopher/Twitter personality Bobby Goepfert. [Minnesota Hockey Magazine]
  • Dive Files from Eyes on the Prize. The best and worst dives of recent NHL games. Kevin Poulin, you're being watched.
  • Speaking of the Habs: Brendan Gallagher has his own sandwich available in Montreal McDonald's restaurants. It will probably give you heartburn.
  • You can stop looking. This is, by far, the dumbest article you'll read about the NHL this year.

Really? You've never heard Starbreaker by Judas Priest? It's awesome. Let's harmonize: