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[Bits] John Tavares Captain Day; Boyes, Martinek in Isles Camp Invites?

I bet your employer never put a "C" on your work shirt.

Say, I see a new "C."
Say, I see a new "C."
Christopher Pasatieri

By 11 a.m. today (presser is at 10:45), the Islanders will make it official that John Tavares is their next captain and should remain so for a very, very long time.

Meanwhile, back at band camp ... rookie camp featured a lengthy practice on Sunday, with the sides dividing up for a scrimmage that forced some of the many many defensemen in camp to play as forwards.

*And it's fun to watch both and report it in a "Tavares told [our outlet]" way when it's a media tour and he's clearly saying the same stuff to everyone who showed up. (In fine ESPN tradition, "a source told ESPN" Tavares will be captain well after another unnamed outlet -- Arthur Staple of Newsday -- had reported it.)

Pelech on Pelech

Here is Adam Pelech and several others talking about Adam Pelech in his first prospect camp (injuries kept him out of prior ones). But the real takeaway here is that I still would not want to mess with Eric Cairns.

Scott Pellerin

And here was Bridgeport coach Scott Pellerin discussing camp after the first few days:


And for Brooklyn and fellow LHHers, still checking for Barclays preseason pre-game meetup ideas.