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[Bits] Isles Rookie Camp shots; Goalie rankings; Remembering Lokomotiv

Fenster receives makeup in hopes of eluding capture by Kobayashi.
Fenster receives makeup in hopes of eluding capture by Kobayashi.
Bruce Bennett

The New York Islanders rookie camp is well underway, so here are some clips and shots from that, as well as other NHL news and videos:

Moulson Media Tour

Here is video of Matt Moulson talking about his first NHL goal, and below Moulson talks Brooklyn and raised expectations with EJ Hradek:

  • Whether it's off-center in Brooklyn or massive in Colorado, I couldn't care less about the size and location of the scoreboard when seeing a live game. Does it have score, time, and replay? Cool.
  • Maxim Lapierre will pest in St. Louis, but he really wanted to pest back in Montreal.
  • This would be fun if only it were true: Conspiracy theory: Could the Sabres be running the world’s greatest jersey con? | Two in the Box
  • A near rant about whether "Cup-winning goalie" means anything for future success.
  • The Capitals have re-signed Marcus Johansson, because RFAs have zero leverage.
  • NHL teams put new ice down, paint it and photograph it. Hockey fans get giddy because what, like we're supposed to watch football or baseball or something?
  • Remembering JoVa

    It's the second anniversary of the Lokomotiv tragedy -- my, time flies. I know some of us had a soft spot for Josef Vasicek and wish his Islanders tenure were longer. Here was the Hurricanes video tribute after he died in that crash. It's all Hurricanes footage, but that smile was the same no matter what uniform he put on. [Edit: Apologies, videos via aren't loading at the moment.]