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Officially to be Official: Islanders announce intent to announce new captain Monday, Sept. 9

Matt Carkner is believed to be out of the running.

"I need you to turn in your letter..."
"I need you to turn in your letter..."
Bruce Bennett

Poor John Tavares is taking part in the NHL preseason media tour, including center stage at the NYSE EuroNext -- all with a blank spot on his chest where a letter should be.

Tavares wore an "A" as an alternate (or "assistant," as history books show is also acceptable alternative nomenclature) captain last season, but he's been letter-free at various offseason promo events. I wonder what's coming?

The Isles announced an announcement today, announcing that they will announce their next captain -- 14th in franchise history -- on Monday morning, Sept. 9, before the Islanders Children’s Foundation Golf Outing. General manager Garth Snow and Jack Capuano will be there to handle press questions for quotes such as "he already is a proven leader" and "he will lead us to the next stage," and "something about a power shift."

Tavares The next captain replaces Mark Streit, who was sold for parts to Philadelphia as a pending unrestricted free agent in the offseason. But who, oh who, will that Tavares next captain be?

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