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[Bits] Burke becomes Flames boss; Corkum on Isles job; Metro over/under

Truculence heads West. A barn for Kevin Lowe surely follows.

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"How 'bout a little space, Swiss."
"How 'bout a little space, Swiss."

The big NHL news today catapults rumors from last night into reality this morning: Brian Burke is back in a top position for an NHL club again, meaning media notepads shall runneth over once again with blustery quotes and Burkisms. That and other links below...


Bob Corkum on his new job with the Islanders: "I’m excited about the job. The Islanders are a family-oriented franchise like New Jersey was when I played for them, and I’m happy to be a part of it."

Here is the 31-player roster (and comment thread, if you like) for the Islanders rookie camp.

Point Blank's take on the last night's topic, that being which league Ryan Strome will play in 2013-14.

And Kevin from IPB also talks Isles in a fantasy context for thefakehockey.

Eyes on Isles: A defining/crossroads season for Kyle Okposo? Yes.

Video: John Tavares on his workout, and what motivates him: "Bringing a Cup to the Island." (Note: We'll call it the Cup back to the Island.)

Bovada's over/under on point totals shakes out like this for Metro teams: