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NHL 2013-14 Previews: Ryan Getzlaf's Barber Previews the Pacific

The guy who "cuts" the Anaheim captain's "hair" gives Lighthouse Hockey the low down on the Ducks and their Pacific Division rivals.

This season, to get a fresh perspective on the outlook of every NHL team, Lighthouse Hockey has reached out to those who really know the players better than anyone - the service people in their neighborhoods. First up, previewing the Pacific Division, is Humberto de la Cruz, the barber for Anaheim Ducks C Ryan Getzlaf

Humberto de la Cruz

Barber / Ryan Getzlaf / Anaheim Ducks



Zapopan, Mexico

July 10, 1968

Q: What's the outlook for the Ducks this season? Will they miss Bobby Ryan or will the young players they received from Ottawa replace his production?

A: I don't know. I'll miss Bobby, that's for sure. Good tipper. Good hair. I haven't cut the new guy's hair yet.

Q: This season, the 8-year, $66 million contract Getzlaf signed after the lockout kicks in. Do you think it will change him as a player?

A: Again, I don't know. I just cut his hair. It takes one minute and I charge him $18. Maybe I should charge more. But he doesn't have a lot of hair.

Q: What about the Ducks' crosstown rivals, the Los Angeles Kings? Can they return to the Stanley Cup final? If not, what are they missing?

A: Yeah, they're good. They won it all a few years ago. Ryan doesn't like playing there because they say mean things to him. I don't know why they do that. He's a nice guy.

Q: Can the San Jose Sharks finally get over the hump this year or is their window closed?

A: I don't know who they're humping. I don't cut any of their hair.

Q: The Edmonton Oilers want to take a big step forward and be a playoff team this year. What can they do to speed up their rebuild?

A: My cousin is a contractor. I can have him take a look.

Q: It's going to be a long season for the Calgary Flames as they start their own rebuild. What players are most likely to be traded this season for prospects or draft picks?

A: I don't know. I know Calgary has cowboy hats. Ryan brought me one one time. A big, big cowboy hat. He said he would wear it if he didn't like the haircut I gave him. And we laughed about that. Nice guy, that Ryan.

Q: Now that the Phoenix Coyotes have settled their long ownership drama, will that stability translate to wins and, more importantly, increased attendance?

A: Who owns them? Charles Barkley?

Q: Finally, the Vancouver Canucks are going into the season with Roberto Luongo in goal, something no one thought would happen again. He says he's ready for the season and will attend camp. Can new head coach John Tortorella get the Canucks and Luongo to put aside everything that's gone on between them and focus on winning?

A: Oh, that's the guy. I couldn't remember his name. Luongo. What a head of hair. So thick and long. Beautiful. Ryan, he talks all the time about Luongo's hair. He's very jealous. It's sad to see a grown man act like that about another man's hair. So sad. But please, don't tell Ryan I told you. He'll find another barber.

Humberto's Projected Pacific Division Standings

Calgary Cowboys
Luongo's Team
Other guys

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