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Islanders News: Nelson, Reinhart, Diamond on Push to Make Team

That's not just a training camp number.
That's not just a training camp number.
Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

Just 10 days until the Islanders open the regular season. Some NHL and Islanders news and links to get you through your Wednesday:


From Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts has teams noting that Toronto won divisional games after initiating fightfests last season, so its rivals are enjoying seeing the tables turned. Also in 30 Thoughts, Ryan Miller on goaltender equipment regulation:

"...You have to have an even playing field. It shouldn't come down to how much extra space can you fill in with your chest protector, your pants, your knee pads, your pads...What position are you going to get into to stop the puck? And I know everyone has got a different body type, but we're not going to go anywhere with that...Gotta play with what God gave you, so we're just trying to keep it more to the sport and not so much throwing furniture in the way."

Some Tweets

On the growing number of Sound Tigers in Sweden:

On the hallucinations of one Jack Edwards, Bruins lie-by-play man.


Not preseason, but an early-season Islanders-Sabres gang fight from 2008: