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Isles/NHL News: Donovan on AMac; Sather on Stepan; NHL Suspensions

We *told* you this game really did happen.
We *told* you this game really did happen.
Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

Suddenly the NHL preseason has shifted back into suspension mode, with suspensions coming out from the Vancouver and Toronto sideshows the other night. Meanwhile, after an off day Monday the Islanders resume their camp today, with division of the groups expected. (Did you pick how you'd divide them up?)

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Rangers GM Glen Sather went near-nuclear on his RFA holdout, Derek Stepan. I've never wanted the Isles to offer sheet him more than I do now, after Sather's interview broadcast on MSG:

"I don't think Derek is going to let this thing linger that long," Sather said in an interview on MSG Network during the Rangers' preseason game against the Calgary Flames on Monday night. "I don't think he is a big enough fool to think that he will sit out the year and it will do any good. He is in a gap contract and every one of our players has signed a gap contract.

"You look at the football players who are making minimum wage, they get paid after they go through that time. I find it frustrating that some teams are in a hurry to sign these guys to big contracts. I think it's because the owners or managers panic and it's unfortunate that he has listened to his agent and decided [to do] that."

In the spirit of preseason tomfoolery, here is a fight-filled preseason Islanders-Rangers game from 1988. Note that none of these three Islanders did anything with the team -- Rod Dallman appeared in five games over three seasons before becoming a Flyer, Dale Kushner appeared in two Isles games before becoming a Flyer (hey, is this a theme?) and Dale Henry at least appeared in 132 over six seasons), yet they fought and got punched in the head a lot during meaningless preseason games in bids to win jobs in the National. Hockey. League!