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Fights in Toronto, Notes from Islanders in Nashville

No broadcast from Nashville needed, as the hockey world turned its eyes to on-ice circuses north of the border.

Visual proof that this game did exist after all.
Visual proof that this game did exist after all.
Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

Not too much news to come out of last night's 2-0 loss in Nashville, but we'll give it a go with some additional links, and you can talk about the chaos in Toronto here as well.

Brawl in Toronto, Suspensions to Come

Elsewhere, Minnesota has two ex-Isles fighting for jobs in Zenon Konopka and, perhaps you've heard, Nino Niederreiter. Nino's battling some other prospects for open slots.

But the real attention from last night was a brawl in Toronto that began after a Sabre fought a Leaf and ended up hitting his head on the ice. (He didn't take his helmet off; it fell off during the fight.) Still upset about that for some reason, John Scott, who is good at being big, threatened Phil Kessel and things got crazy.

David Clarkson left the bench to engage Scott, so he's looking at a lengthy (should be 10 games) suspension which coach Randy Carlyle outright acknowledged in the post-game. Kessel initially swung his stick at Scott (GIF action below), and later speared at Scott long after his own altercation had settled down, so he's due a suspension too. Scott, ironically, probably will get off um, well, "Scott" free. (Sorry.)

Even the goalies fought, with Ryan Miller and Jonathan Bernier giving the distinct impression that goalie equipment is still too big.

Finally, this is the best:


All told, a lot of silliness has gone on this postseason -- Sam Gagner's jaw is broken in Edmonton via the stick of Zack Kassian, who faces a hearing -- and while I think the entire situational justice and bizarre half-"codes" are messed up, I guess I'm grateful that so far the circuses in the Islanders' preseason games have been enforcer vs. enforcer, AHL grunt vs. AHL grunt. Hope it stays that way, I guess?