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It's John Tavares's Birthday Party!*

* - actual John Tavares not scheduled to appear.

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Today is John Tavares's 23rd birthday, and here's your invitation to celebrate this incredible young man at a super-fun online party in his honor.

Unfortunately, since he is, of course, busily preparing for tomorrow night's game against the Devils at Barclays Center, Tavares won't actually attend the party. Bummer.

But that won't stop us. So come in, grab a party hat, some chips and a beverage and wish Johnny T a happy 23rd! Throw your jacket on the bed and leave your presents on the table over there.

Here's the card we got him. Everybody needs to sign it.

(just use the comments section. Please don't write on your computer monitor. Unless you're at work, I guess.)


Who wants cake?


Oh, great! Our celebrity guests have arrived to wish John a happy birthday.

(courtesy of this handy YouTube video):

Hockey birthday party games you can play at home:

  • Bobbing for pucks
  • Musical Linemates
  • Pin the knife in Mike Milbury
  • Chris Simon Says (seriously, do what he says)

Even More Tavares Appreciation from Lighthouse Hockey. Good for any day of the year: