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[Bits] Islanders-Flames Preseason Reactions; another NHL D Shuffle to Watch

Another "shutdown pair" divorce?
Another "shutdown pair" divorce?
Dilip Vishwanat

You know hockey's back when they're writing about the Islanders across the continent. Or, at least, in the locales where the Isles sprinkle their split squads.

Islanders-Like Substances

We've been talking about the Isles shuffling their defensive pairs. The Blues are trying that too, but for a more traditional reason. Ken Hitchcock:

"I just think, the way the game is now, you’ve got to have transition in all three pairs," he said. "I don’t think you can play the game and play with a lock-down pair anymore. I don’t think you can play like that. I’m becoming more and more convinced that every pair needs to have someone who can transition, with or without the puck. That gives us balance."