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NHL 2013-14 Previews: Daniel Alfredsson's Real Estate Agent on the Atlantic Division

The nice lady that helped Daniel Alfredsson and his nice family find a nice home in a nice Detroit suburb previews the nice, new Atlantic Division.

This season, to get a fresh perspective on the outlook of every NHL team, Lighthouse Hockey has reached out to those who really know the players better than anyone - the service people in their neighborhoods. This time, previewing the Atlantic Division, is Anita Euhaal, the real estate agent for Red Wings winger Daniel Alfredsson.

Anita Euhaal

Real Estate Agent / Daniel Alfredsson / Detroit Red Wings


Hey! Fresh!

Metamora, Michigan

May 19

Q: The move to the Eastern Conference is something the Red Wings have wanted for a while. Can they continue to have the success they've had in the West?

A: It's a wonderful time to move to the East Coast! You can find affordable, family-friendly locations within minutes of larger cities.

Q: Does the addition of Daniel Alfredsson make them a true Stanley Cup contender?

A: Practical additions like a deck or bathroom can add great value to a home. It might cost money now, but you can make it back triple on resale.

Q: The Boston Bruins did challenge for the Cup last season, but since then have replaced Nathan Horton, Tyler Seguin and Rich Peverley with Jarome Iginla and Loui Eriksson. Can the Bruins return to the Final or has the door closed on them?

A: The door is the first thing people see when they come into an open house! A fresh coat of paint and some new doorknobs can really spruce up an entrance way and make a house extra inviting!

Q: The Montreal Canadiens won the division last season but hit a wall in the playoffs and made few improvements this off-season. How will they hold up?

A: You don't need a handyman to repair holes in drywall! Just a little joint compound, a putty knife and some elbow grease! As long as the studs are in tact, small imperfections can be fixed quickly.

Q: Ottawa is poised to be a contender for years with a strong, well-built team. What is the Senators' ceiling this season?

A: Vaulted ceilings are a real selling point! Skylights can really brighten a room. And combined with a light paint, they can make a moderately-sized room look enormous!

Q: The Maple Leafs made a lot of moves this off-season, bringing in David Clarkson, Dave Bolland and Jonathan Bernier. Were they the right additions for Toronto?

A: You never want to be the biggest house on the block because it can turn off potential buyers. Spending too much on additions can make a home seem cluttered. Don't over-do it!

Q: The two Florida-based teams, the Lightning and Panthers, are joining a North Eastern-heavy division. Any advice for the new transplants?

A: Florida Rooms can be lovely, especially in summer evenings! If you see a panther on your property, call animal control.

Q: Finally, to put it mildly, Buffalo is currently in a transition period. What moves could the Sabres make to repair their foundation?

A: Hell if I know. The Sabres are hot garbage right now. Trade everybody.

Anita's Projected Atlantic Division Standings

Cape Cod
Buffalo Sabres


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