Sept. 21 Islanders vs. Devils at Barclays: LHH Meetup!

"Who here loves Josh Bailey?" - Bruce Bennett

Editor's update: No "official" LHH meetup exactly, but this thread has served as a sounding board for where people are headed. Note that a bunch are headed to Cherry Tree before the game (see this comment by 19!).

Fellow Islanders fans,

I've been posting a lot in the comments lately about wanting a LHH meetup for the preseason game in Brooklyn. LAst year, LHH planned a meetup but the lockout prevented it from ever happening. For those in the area and want to catch the first glimpse of hockey at Barclays, it would be cool to all buy tickets together and sit in a section showing our LHH pride (LHH shirts, anyone?).

I decided to start a fanpost so we can all organize our thoughts and maybe plan something for the game which will be only a short 20 (!) days from now.

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