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[Weekend Bits] Okposo-Bogosian, Irreplaceable Tavares, Sparky

American-on-American crime.
American-on-American crime.

It's the Labo(u)r Day holiday weekend in North America, so you might find things a little slow in the news department. But here is plenty to chew on for the hockey-starved soul.


Watch Sparky on the new Fox sports network's studio show -- featuring on-air sexual harassment from one co-host to another!

Five questions for the Islanders upcoming season by Eyes on Isles.

Is John Tavares the most irreplaceable player in the league? So says SI, which calls the team around him close to "a bunch of dancing bears." Don't ever change, you.

At U.S. Olympic camp, maybe Zach Bogosian and Kyle Okposo discussed Okposo's hit that gave Bogosian a concussion, and maybe they didn't. This is the hit April 20, to jog your memory:


If you somehow missed it, Teemu is coming back and the Ducks shot another fun video to announce it: