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Summer Q: Which NHLer to Add to the New York Islanders Lineup?

As we start to think about maybe counting down the days until camp, we'll be posing some thematic questions to let our commenters carry the day.

"Pick me, Chris."
"Pick me, Chris."
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday in our "summer questions" series we asked commenters which ex-New York Islanders player, in his prime, you'd most like to insert into today's lineup?

Today we're sticking strictly with the present, but still remaining in the fantasy realm: Which current NHLer, without regard to salary or trade acquisition cost, would you most want to see added to the current Islanders lineup?

Take it as literally or frivolously as you like.

  • That means you could simply add the best NHLer (or alternatively, you could disregard the best because you hate him).
  • It means you could just add your favorite non-Islander, even if his lineups lot might be redundant to needs.
  • You could gorge on excess, like adding Alex Ovechkin to Tavares' right wing or Steven Stamkos to the powerplay and "second" line.
  • Or you could add someone that solves your most worrying problem -- for some that's in goal, for others that seems to be the lack of a dominant blueline stud.
  • Or, you might go more subtly, such as someone who adds an element the Islanders don't quite have. (David Backes creating a ruckus while shutting down opponents, anyone?)

Just a little exercise that can touch any area, from your worries about the current roster to your fanboy attraction to players on other teams -- all without that annoying reality of not being able to sign/trade for any of them, probably. Have fun with it.