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[Bits] Tavares hungry; Isles 2nd half; Metro; It's 'Moulson'; Ugly unis

My name is Moulson / Pronounced with an ol-son

"This is U.S. History, I see the globe right there."
"This is U.S. History, I see the globe right there."
Mike Stobe

Read three of these, and call us in comments:


In a good article, Yahoo is talking up John Tavares as ready to burst into superstardom for Team Canada, but I'm more interested in this:

"There’s really nothing quite like playoff hockey, and just in the first round, that experience was phenomenal," Tavares said. "I still think about it every day, how much fun that was, what an opportunity we had. I think it drives you even more..."

Cover Your Eyes

And in honor of jersey mistakes, here are three monstrosities in one sequence: The Kings' Burger King jerseys, the Ducks' green explosion jerseys, and Marty McSorley scoring a goal: