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SLIDESHOW: How Nassau County Can Win Back the Islanders

A step-by-step plan on how Nassau County can get the Islanders to stop this silly move to Brooklyn and just come home already.

Break-ups are never easy, and it's very common for one or both exes to regret their decisions after a cooling-off period. When the New York Islanders announced their upcoming move to Brooklyn's Barclays Center last October, it effectively meant walking away from their long, dysfunctional relationship with Nassau County. But since the announcement, Nassau has made some strides in bettering itself and recently selected the Barclays Center's developer to revitalize the obsolete Nassau Coliseum and it's surrounding area.

With a new arena built by an existing and friendly business partner, many observers are wondering if Nassau and its estranged team can reconcile and get back together. They were such a cute couple! It's so sad to not see them together. For those who want to see this marriage continue, this exclusive BLEACHER REPORT Lighthouse Hockey slideshow asks some esteemed relationship experts what steps Nassau County can take to win back its lost love. The answers may surprise you.

(Full disclosure: I submitted this to Bleacher Report a few days ago and they rejected it. Something about having "too many words and not enough girls." So Dom said I could post it here. But look for my next three BR slideshows, "39 Things That Make Rick DiPietro's Contract the Worst Contract Ever Signed," "15 Terrible Contracts Better than Rick DiPietro's" and "The 47 Best Bleacher Report Slideshows About How Bad Rick DiPietro's Contract Is.")