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[Bits] Nassau Coliseum Developmer Announcement Postponed

Whichever way it ends, it will feel surreal for Islanders fans. UPDATE: The announcement has been postponed out of respect for Nassau police officer Mohit Arora, who was shot early this morning.

"There will always be a trough..."
"There will always be a trough..."
Andy Marlin

Nassau County executive Ed Mangano this morning is expected to announce the winning bid to redevelop the Nassau Coliseum and surroundings, because that's just how Nassau politics and the star-crossed history of the New York Islanders goes.

**UPDATE: Multiple reports have the announcement postponed after the shooting of Nassau police officer Mohit Arora this morning.**

Long Island's newspaper, owned by one of the two finalist bidders, had the advance story. IPB highlighted one of the salient quotes therein:

While officials would not disclose the identity of the winning bidder, sources said the decision came down to the amount of revenue that the developer will pay Nassau through an annual lease agreement.

Yes, the Islanders fought for years to redevelop the property that kept them trapped in an archaic lease, ultimately moving to Brooklyn, only to have the Brooklyn arena developer or the owner of their chief rival get approval to do it less than a year later. Either scenario is absurd in retrospect and thus par for the course.

The announcement is expected at 11:30 today.