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[Bits] John Tavares' captaincy inevitable, Lubo Visnovsky turns

It's not if, but when.

C-ya soon, eh?
C-ya soon, eh?
Paul Bereswill

Those pictures of the Stadium Series presser with the Rangers and Devils captains flanking John Tavares with an empty spot on his chest where an A usually is kind of symbolized what's to come: John Tavares isn't officially captain yet, but he's the franchise player and the old captain is gone so you just know in time...

Staple in Newsday: "Nothing has been announced, but those around the Isles have given every indication" that Tavares will be named captain. Evgeni Nabokov, "who became tight with Tavares last season," says he's ready. Good stuff in there from Garth Snow and from Kyle Okposo, who turned to Tavares for insight on offseason workouts.

Lubomir Visnovsky turned 37 today. Here he is scoring a goal back when he was a spry young 36:

Oodles and oodles of top hockey talent plus Matt Duchene in Halifax:

About 200 hockey fans got to watch Sidney Crosby, John Tavares and some more of the world’s elite players strut their stuff during some off-season training in Halifax midday Thursday. Crosby and the others all work with elite trainer Andy O’Brien, according to Gaetan Tremblay, Crosby’s summertime conditioning coach.


Tremblay blames word-of-mouth spread by social media for the crowds that appeared.

Dee Karl talks to Cal Clutterbuck and describes the scene at his autograph signing.

CBS: Tavares Won’t Rest Until He Becomes The NHL’s Signature Star

Tavares throws a first pitch at Yankee Stadium, where they previewed winter games with "your" New York Rangers:


Way back, way back: HNIC Promo from 1967 with excellent sound effects: