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Sizing up the New York Islanders 2013 Prospect Camp Roster

There are names, then there are names. And then there are more names.

If you see this man, you're probably looking up.
If you see this man, you're probably looking up.
Jamie Sabau

The New York Islanders prospect mini-camp kicks off this week with its usual array of skates and scrimmages and, presumably, fishing of some sort.

The camp roster is online at the Islanders official site, chock-full of some names you probably know, and several you don't. Understandably, you may not follow Islanders prospects too closely. So here is a primer on the important names.


Taylor Cammarata -- The 2013 draft pick is small. He also scores a ton. The latter was ignored by most teams because of the former. He led the USHL in scoring, which is something. But we'll really get an indication of whether he can translate his skills when he starts his NCAA career.

Jason Clark -- The 2010 pick is not "key" in any sense, but the Isles surprisingly signed him to a ELC last summer. Hip injuries slowed his development at NCAA Wisconsin. He spent considerable time in the ECHL last season.

Victor Crus Rydberg -- Another 2013 pick, he has "played against men" a little for Linköping. Has a bit of the two-way game in him.

Kirill Kabanov -- The 2010 pick has hit every branch on the obstacle tree, including a severe skate cut to the arm last season. Doing the Gary Roberts program this summer, he faces another bit season in his development.

Anders Lee -- No loophole here, this 2008 pick made his debut after Notre Dame's season ended and got his first NHL goal. Still needs work for the NHL game, but has enough raw tools to make you dream.

Brock Nelson -- After a mixed ATO debut at the end of 2011-12, he led Bridgeport in scoring in his first full pro season in 2012-13. Having made his NHL debut in, oh, just Game 6 of a playoff series, he could easily get NHL time in 2013-14.

John Persson -- Another good one as a rookie in Bridgeport last season, he has definite third-line potential.

Alan Quine -- A redraft last month, after re-entering the draft when Detroit didn't sign him. Enough tools, and a late resurrection this past season, to be interesting.

Ryan Strome -- You may have heard of him. Vicious wrist shot, good all-around game, and the Islanders' top prospect, period.

Johan Sundstrom -- Only a concussion -- not that concussions ever deserve "only" -- kept him from having a better breakout year in his first season at Bridgeport. Sundstrom, drafted with the pick acquired in the James Wisniewski trade, is one of the reasons the Islanders can hope to have lots of forward depth in the coming years.


Kyle Burroughs -- Kind of a sleeper pick in the seventh round last month, Burroughs led Regina (WHL) in scoring and has enough tools to keep you from writing him off.

Mike Dalhuisen -- From the Netherlands, arriving by way of Quinnipiac, the Isles signed him for Bridgeport after the NCAA season was over.

Jesse Graham -- A 2012 pick, he's getting more of an opportunity with OHL Niagara now that Dougie Hamilton is an NHLer.

Mike Keenan -- I just wanted to say "Mike Keenan" again.

Loic Leduc -- As the official site notes, he was limited by a lower body injury last season in Cape Breton (QMJHL). But he's 6'6 so there.

Scott Mayfield -- The U. of Denver product made the decision to leave the NCAA after two years and a coach firing. He signed on for Bridgeport last year. He likes the physical side, but he has some hands too.

Andrey Pedan -- I was trying to get through a Pedan blurb without mentioning Darius Kasparaitis but ... oops.

Adam Pelech -- The joke is that the Islanders have drafted a lot of defensemen the last two summers. The reward is that several of them, including Pelech, are performing above their draft slot. Who knows which ones will pay off, but the odds look good.

Ryan Pulock -- On that note, top 2013 pick Pulock and his cannon of a shot will be on Long Island this week for the first time.

Griffin Reinhart -- And Reinhart, the Isles top pick in 2012, will be back after a strong WHL season.

Doyle Somerby -- My dear Watson, Somerby finished up high school and some USHL time in prep for heading to Boston University this fall. A long-term project, he is really tall (6'5) and a reported 232 pounds. Ye gods.


Eamon McAdam -- The Waterloo goalie has his proponents and will certainly get his reps in Penn State's first season in the big time. One of two goalies the Isles drafted last month.

Anders Nilsson -- Still has good potential, especially if the vitamin deficiency that plagued his 2012-13 is under control.

Kenny Reiter -- Played in both the ECHL and AHL last year and, ironically, had the best stats of all the Bridgeport goalies (albeit in a small sample).

All of the names above were drafted by the Islanders or, with few exceptions, signed after going undrafted. But as noted, there are plenty more names at prospect camp, including some who are already on pro contracts.