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NHL Free Agency Open Thread [Part II]: Travis Hamonic signs 7-year extension

Isles sign restricted free agent Travis Hamonic, defenseman, for seven years, $27 million. And there was much rejoicing!

Up top, long-term teammate!
Up top, long-term teammate!
Bruce Bennett

Between the draft and free agency and a trade that was kind of a big deal... for all the emotional emotions we Isles fans have been going through over the past two weeks... one thing that had been on the back burner of discussion was the Islanders' own restricted free agents. The cap's going down this season, so there was rumor that more offer sheets may be on the cards as teams attempt to secure good young talent at a discount.

That makes it more important to secure one's own RFAs before the poachers tire of throwing money at expensive older players and start throwing it at younger ones. Garth Snow has just done so, as the team has extended Travis Hamonic - #3 on your scorecards, #2 on your 25U25, #1 on your blueline - for seven more years at $27 million.

Good defensemen normally cost a team more than $3.857 million annually, so this looks like a great deal.

Commentariat Directions

Please consider this the free agency open thread part II. (Part I is over there.) Check other posts in the stream for discussion of individual additions.