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Islanders Roundtable: Nino, Free Agents, Prospects, the Goalie Question

Our writers become talking heads to trade opinions on Nino Niederreiter, free agency options, prospects to bet on, and that wee issue of who will play goalie.

Most of the esteemed and highly accredited masthead writers from our fair site got together Wednesday night via Google Hangout to discuss the Islanders prospects in free agency, which youngsters are most likely to make the team on Opening Night, and what the options are in goal as the market opens.

The result was our first roundtable suitable (mostly) for public consumption. There are probably a few salty words in there, but nothing too rough -- certainly not for a bunch of guys talking hockey. It includes PGI dialing in from Mars (or inside an orange juice bottle) and Rick DiPietro stepping in for mikb.

Among the topics in the video (embedded above, or accessible at this link):

  • 2:00 - Be honest: Are you sorry to see Nino Niederreiter go?
  • 8:30 - Did John Tavares have input on acquiring Cal Clutterbuck?
  • 12:30 - The ballad of Rick DiPietro. Sad.
  • 14:00 - Did you want Briere?
  • 18:00 - Who takes the first line RW spot? (Which free agents should they target?)
  • 26:00 - What on earth are the options for the Islanders between the pipes?
  • 29:00 - Which prospect is the best bet to make the team in October?
  • Throughout: How many GoogleTube gizmos can Chris locate in one hour?
  • Between Poulin and Nilsson, which Bridgeport goalie prospect has the best shot of having an NHL career? (And can't the Isles doctors just combine the two into an impressive athletic hybrid named Le Thor?)
  • 44:00 - Bryzgalov ... would ya? Did he just get a bad rap in Philly? How much did it suck to be the smart guy in the Flyers locker room?
  • ... and other various tangents.

Hope you enjoy. We'll try to air the next one live with some advance warning. If it's not your kind of thing, just let it play on mute, or answer the questions above in comments, or propose an outlandish trade or something.