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Bits: Northern Team Dramas, Bourne vs. Campbell Retro Videos

Without much news, let's enjoy piling on some familiar targets, shall we?

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Busier times.
Busier times.
Bruce Bennett

It's July 29, do you know where your hockey news are? Eh, at least we aren't talking about lockouts and "make whole" this summer.

Finally, retro video after Keith started a Bourne retrospective in comments. His view of Colin Campbell as a player seems to jibe with fans' views of Colin Campbell as a league executive:

1980, Campbell as an Oiler (Edmonton claimed him in the expansion draft)

1982, Campbell as a Canuck (Vancouver claimed him in the waiver draft)

Bonus appearance by Jim Nill, in the news this summer as the Stars' new GM.

Then there was this beauty from 1983, remembered fondly in yesterday's comments: