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Surprise Weekend Bits: Don't Get Used to This

A few leftover links for Saturday shut-ins. Tim Thomas and Ilya Bryzgalov wait by the phone, Nathan Gerbe shuffles off to Carolina and Thomas Hickey needs to call his insurance company.

Yo, Hicks. What are those guys doing to your car?
Yo, Hicks. What are those guys doing to your car?

Yes, it's a Saturday bits post. There were a few stories I came across on Friday that I thought would be old news by next week.

ISLANDERS NEWS (kinda, I guess...)

  • Dude, some scumbag smashed Thomas Hickey's car window. What the hell?


  • Sports Illustrated's Alan Muir investigated the curious cases of Ilya Bryzgalov and Tim Thomas, two once sought-after netminders still looking for work. Muir's conclusions: Thomas waits until some other goalie gets hurt and a team (like the Islanders or Panthers) gets desperate, while Bryzgalov just waits.
  • Blake Wheeler remains a Winnipeg Jet at six years and $33.6 million bones ($5.6 AAV) [Arctic Ice Hockey
  • Achondroplasiaphobics can relax: Fun-Sized free agent Nathan Gerbe is taking his talents to the Hurricanes. []
  • Rangers grinder Dominic Moore hosted a ping pong tournament last week to raise funds for concussion research. A surprise guest at this year's gathering: one Gary Bettman. [Sportsnet]
  • Minnesota goalie Josh Harding, who was diagnosed with MS last season, has announced the formation of his Harding's Hope organization to raise awareness and funds to fight the disease.
  • Surprise! ESPN's Sportscenter spends very little of its time discussing the NHL. A little over two percent of its time, to be exact. And 56.6 percent of that time is dedicated to the one team - the Pittsburgh Penguins. [Deadspin]

No video today. Go outside.