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Bits: Arbitration begins, Olympic camps underway

Today, the opportunities to make players cry begin.

"Show up to summer camp at 36? I, uh, I hurt. Yes."
"Show up to summer camp at 36? I, uh, I hurt. Yes."

Greetings. It's a Monday, so it's probably time for you to catch up on reading while pretending to work. We would like to help. (With the reading. Not the work.)

Islanders-like Substances

The official site confirms, and elaborates quite nicely, on why Ville Pokka wasn't at prospect camp earlier this month: Great story on his obligatory military training. I hear the Finnish armed services teach you how to kill urban Rangers.

Via DavidSweden, a hockeysverige piece on Islanders dynasty figure Stefan Persson. [Google Translate action here]

Via Kevin Schultz of IPB, Lubomir Visnovsky isn't at Slovakia's Olympic camp, due to an a malady that requires physical therapy. That info is pretty low in the story though, so ... I wouldn't worry too much? I say 36-year-olds shouldn't have to attend summer Olympic camps anyway. Update: Kevin finds more, with bonus pictures of Lubo being Lubo biking. Not to worry, I think, is the message here.

CBS/WFAN profiles the Islanders Army of Section 329.

Hockey's Future reviews the Islanders' draft.

Read this Columbus "meet the new neighbors" piece on the Isles and spot the hilarious error in judgment.

In case you missed it were on vacation: IPB sifts through the spate of woe-is-Brenden Kichton pieces | FanPosts: Why the DP deal was always bad, plus looks at the Isles schedule and whether the Hamonic-MacDonald pairing is getting it done. There was also some musical debate in comments amid the re-signings of Bailey and Hickey, but...


Did I mention musical debates? Meh, we won't revisit those anytime soon...