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2013 NHL Draft Videos: Trent Klatt, Eric Cairns on Islanders Picks

Trent Klatt discusses the Islanders' seven 2013 draft picks with the official site.

You know what's fun about Trent Klatt (other than him appearing like a giant next to Greg Picker)? When you ask him how he's feeling after the 2013 NHL Draft, he doesn't give the immediate scout answer of "Thrilled. Excited. We love all of our picks."

Instead he gives the real response: "Tired. Exhausted."

The draft, if you've never been there, is actually quite a whirlwind. The first round proceeds slowly enough, but after a while you have almost 200 names coming off the board in quick succession, and it's hard enough to keep up with who is gone much less whom you'd still like to have. "Exhausted" is fitting.

Anyway, even if it moves fast, that's no excuse for slip-ups. Klatt also says: "We put the work in throughout the whole season to prepare for a day like this."

In another bit of honesty, Klatt puts the goalie picks on the guys who know the position better: "Mike Dunham and Stephen Valiquette are the ones who've done most of the research on both goalies." Finally, he flashes his own Swedish pronunciation skills.

Anyway, to get a better idea of what the Islanders saw in their seven picks on Sunday, watch the official site video with Klatt. One of the fun quotes about seventh-round pick Kyle Burroughs and why they think he has good hockey sense, moving the puck "north" well to his teammates: "He's not a guy who just fires the puck around the boards and get his wingers killed."

And for more, here is Eric Cairns' view: