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Bits: Waiting for Bettman (to Release Next Season's Schedule)

While the hockey world waits to see what games to prematurely write off before they're played, we have Moulson giving back, Nielsen facing competition and almost everybody else getting something off their chest.

Bruce Bennett

Look for the NHL schedule to be released when the league is gosh darn good n' ready and not a minute before, Jack. So cool your jets.



  • As always, Down Goes Brown classes up Grantland with some sweet, hilarious NHL history. This time: the Greatest Heel Turns, in honor of "The Alfredsson Betrayal."
  • When Bernie Parent speaks, you listen. Here he is on recent Hall of Fame inductee and coaching mastermind Fred Shero.
  • Concussions: Still a problem in the NHL.
  • Brendon Kichton: Still wondering why he's a Jet and not an Islander.
  • Cam Charron looks at the "clutchability" of goalies through the Leafs' relationship with James Reimer.
  • And speaking of the Leafs, Toronto associate (and former Islanders) coach Greg Cronin has some thoughts on shot totals. Namely, that they don't matter. Think of this as the Anti-Fancy Stats Corner. We're all about equal time here.
  • Really sobering backstory on former NHLer Gilbert Brule. It's important to remember that "first round bust" isn't a job most people aim for.
  • Puck Daddy blows the lid off an incredible milestone in international hockey: each team in Finland will get its own custom NHL 14 cover.
  • The Predators colored the ice at Bridgestone Arena gold. Because.

In the meantime here's In The Meantime: