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Bits: Bailey's on Board, But Sundstrom's Luggage Wasn't.

Analysis of the Josh Bailey's new contract and other aspects of the Islanders' future. Oh, and the baghandlers at JFK screw with the Sound Tigers.

"I got paid, son."
"I got paid, son."
Bruce Bennett

Josh Bailey agreed to a new contract with the Islanders yesterday. Not sure if you heard.



  • The Flyers welcome back Ron Hextall. No, not to play goal, but to be their new assistant general manager/Paul Holmgren's eventual replacement. And it didn't even cost them Tommy Soderstrom.
  • NHL Numbers Investigates: Can goalies actually control the amount rebounds they allow? (Spoiler: No).
  • Rob Vollman of Hockey Abstract looks at team's luck ratings this season. The Islanders were the just under the "unlucky line." And somebody must have broken a ton of mirrors in the Florida Panthers dressing room.
  • Former Predator and Canadien Blake Geoffrion announced his retirement yesterday due to the severe head injury he suffered while playing in the AHL during the last lockout. A Nashville native and member of one of hockey's first families, Geoffrion was not long ago seen as a rising potential star for the Predators. Dirk Hoag of On the Forecheck pays tribute to Geoffrion and reminds us that in this sport, fortunes can change instantly.
  • The loss of Daniel Alfredsson means the Senators need to re-focus their marketing efforts. Silver Seven Sens offers some ideas and, from the looks of things, it seems like the team could really use them. I had to chuckle, though: the Senators' slogan this year is "This is Senators Country," which echoes the "This is Islanders Country" campaign from about 15 years ago that's still very much still used today. Copycats.

Bailey gets moderate money. But Rush understands The Big Money, man...

(Sorry for the back-to-back Rush videos. Was not planned. Actually, I'm not sorry at all. Dom's back in a couple of days.)