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Islanders Orange & Blue Prospect Scrimmage [game thread]

Watch it live at IslesTV, pr*j*ct the future here.

Past scrimmages are proof: You're seeing the future tonight.
Past scrimmages are proof: You're seeing the future tonight.
Paul Bereswill

Tonight is your mid-summer peek at various New York Islanders prospects and street invitees.

The annual Orange and Blue scrimmage is at 7 p.m. EDT and streamed live online at the official site.

The official site also explains the format:

The teams will play two 25-minute halves, followed by a skills competition consisting of a shootout, hardest shot competition and team breakaway competition.

And the rosters...

Orange (except Blue) Team

Blue (except Orange) Team

1 Anders Nilsson
60 Joel Rumpel

4 Doyle Somerby
6 Scott Mayfield
8 Riley Wetmore
10 Alan Quine
11 Joey Diamond
14 Cason Hohmann
18 Ryan Strome
25 John Persson
27 Trevor Moore
28 Johan Sundstrom
29 Steve Alonge
33 Andrey Pedan
36 Evan Rodrigues
37 Troy Donnay
38 Jesse Graham
41 Jared Hauf
44 Mike Keenan
46 Loic Leduc
53 Matt Tabrum
72 Jason Clark
77 Ben Rosen

Scott Pellerin
Brent Thompson
1 Ken Reiter
60 Eamon McAdam

4 Griffin Reinhart
6 Ryan Pulock
8 Victor Crus Rydberg
10 Colton Beck
11 Nick Sorkin
14 Erik Bradford
18 Branden Gracel
25 Mike Halmo
27 Anders Lee
28 Josh Holmstrom
29 Brock Nelson
33 Dallas Jackson
36 Taylor Cammarata
37 Kyle Burroughs
38 Bennett Schneider
41 Bradley Nunn
42 James Mazza
44 Mike Dalhuisen
46 Marc Cantin
53 Greg Miller
72 Jared Morris
77 Kirill Kabanov

Trent Klatt
Eric Cairns

Place your bets. Only one team has a REAL coach, rabble rabble...

This is your game thread, dog. Have fun with it, because it's the last hockey we're going to see for a while.*

*But not a lockout sort of while, thank Bossy.