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NHL Draft 2013: Live Open Thread Part I

We'll have updates on each Islanders pick, but consider this your base for live running commentary and tomfoolery during Sunday's draft.

Newark, Newark...
Newark, Newark...

Note: Keep commenting here as you see fit, but we have a second overflow thread for mobile users and others who can't wade through 1000+ comments.

The 2013 NHL Draft is finally here, with rumors swirling of big trades and player movement throughout a league filled with teams facing cap crunches for 2013-14.

Is there fire behind the smoke? You'll find out as soon as we do.

Although we'll have separate updates and posts on each selection (or trade?) the New York Islanders make Sunday in Newark, consider this the live open thread for those watching the draft in real time.

Comment, post links, cry about picks, and generally have yourself a merry merry draft.

As a reminder, barring draft floor moves, the Islanders' draft board looks like this:

Round 1: 15th overall
Round 3: 75th overall
Round 4: 105th overall
Round 5: 135th overall
Round 6: 165th overall
Round 7: 195th overall

Wondering how you can follow along on the tube? Here is a good overview of where to tune in for live draft footage this afternoon and into the evening.

Now prepare yourself for the next bust franchise player sleeper two-way gem teenage phenom good kid whose parents know Pierre McGuire...