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Goalie Bits and More: Nabby Grades; another Fun Flyers June

The goalie market, and what those crazy Flyers are up to now, dominate the non-Cup news.

Archaeologists are never gonna get what hockey was all about.
Archaeologists are never gonna get what hockey was all about.
Christopher Szagola-US PRESSWIRE

The New York Islanders goalie situation is very much unsettled for 2013-14, which is both a natural and potentially a good thing at this point in the NHL cycle.

Evgeni Nabokov has not been re-signed, but you have to bet on that being a Plan 1A or backup plan depending on how their exploration of options goes through the next month.

If you missed discussion yesterday, Arthur Staple of Newsday had sources informing him that the Islanders are indeed in on the shopping for Los Angeles Kings goalie Jonathan Bernier. But after holding on to Bernier for a few years past his ripening -- because goalie insurance is good to have -- the Kings sound like they're trying to drum up competing bids for a goalie market that is a little flooded.

Bernier, who turns 25 this summer, is entering his theoretical prime and yet it's still not clear what one can expect from the guy who was once the Kings' goalie of the future before Matt Moulson's brother-in-law forced his way into that seat. Meanwhile, there are several teams who could use upgrades in goal this summer, but even more goalies who could theoretically offer such upgrades.

In market situations like that, teams like the Flyers tend to shoot first, ask questions later. The Islanders tend not to Flyer up the market. So Bernier is probably a longshot unless no one steps up with an ideal offer for the Kings by the draft.


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