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Bits: Mark Streit, Milan Lucic & Dan Bylsma Walk into an Islanders-Themed Bar...

Mark Streit talks to the Flyers, the Bruins and Blackhawks battle for the Stanley Cup, Bylsma and McLellan stay put, the Islanders open a bar and other hockey headlines.

"I gotta play with this nutcase now? Oh well..."
"I gotta play with this nutcase now? Oh well..."
Christopher Szagola-US PRESSWIRE

After a few quiet days, we saw a deluge of hockey news yesterday, from the trade of Mark Streit to the Flyers, to the Penguins extending coach Dan Bylsma to, oh yeah, Game 1 of the Stanley Cup final.

Islanders Headlines

  • Newsday's Arthur Staple has the basics on the Streit deal, including a tidbit about the Islanders' vacant captaincy ($).
  • Travis and the good folks at Broadstreet Hockey examine the trade from the Flyers' financial perspective, which is as high and tight as Paul Holmgren's haircut. The Flyers GM is going to have to add "juggler" to his resume if he wants to sign Streit.
  • From his home in Switzerland, Streit spoke with the Flyers' website about signing with the team in the next few days. Mostly it's playerspeak and there's not much in about the Islanders, but you can't fault a guy for trying to make a good first impression at his new workplace.
  • In other Islanders news (that's two days old), they'll play the Senators at Barrie, Ontario in a preseason game this September. Pro Tip: If you're traveling to Barrie, DO NOT take the "Bill Stewart Express Bus."
  • TSN's Scott Cullen does his Off-Season Game Plan on the Islanders. His annual series is always a must read and is very insightful. It's almost as if he's actually paid attention to the Islanders beyond John Tavares. Imagine that.
  • CBS's Off-Season Game Plan looks at the many questions facing the Islanders this summer.
  • Blah blah blah Nassau Real Estate battle. The MSG/Dolan bid now includes an Islanders-themed sports bar ($), boringly called The Sports Zone. I would have went with TG-Islanders-Fridays or Macaroni Gillies or Arbourbees. Can I interest you in some Pizza Shooters or Extreme Fajitas? Your uniform needs more flair.
  • Casey Cizikas met The King. No, not LeBron or Lundqvist.

Stanley Cup Finals
  • The Blackhawks erased a 2-goal deficit to win Game 1 of the Stanley Cup final 4-3 in triple overtime. If you went to sleep (like I did), you missed Andrew Shaw's deft deflection that won it for the Hawks. Game 2 is Saturday night.
  • This Puck Daddy Photoshop post about Gary Bettman in various playoff beards is...something.
  • Sports Illustrated's media guide to the final includes some interesting quotes from NBC Sports chief Sam Flood, who thinks anyone making fun of Pierre McGuire or Mike Milbury on the internet behind a fake, made-up name is just a low-down yellow-bellied coward. Especially anonymous jokers like "Keith Quinn" and "Chris McNally."
  • Don't watch a game of the final without first being fluent in Doc Emrick-ese.

Around the NHL

  • Commissioner Bettman gave his annual State of the League Address and hinted that decisions could be coming in the Coyotes Ownership Saga. I could have sworn I read that sentence during the 2010, 2011 and 2012 finals also.
  • Penguins' GM Ray Shero ends everyone's fun by not only bringing back coach Dan Bylsma but giving him and his assistants two-year extensions. Shero also gave Marc-Andre Fleury a big vote of confidence. Make of that what you will.
  • The Sharks are also bringing back Todd McLellan for what will surely be another disappointing year in San Jose.
  • A long-read from Deadspin on the North Korean Hockey Team.
  • Hockey Prospectus has released their full rankings of the Top 100 crapshoots in this year's NHL Crapshoot-a-thon. Black Mantha!
  • LATE (KINDA) BREAKING NEWS: Penguins sign Evgeni Malkin to an 8-year, $76 million contract extension worth about $9.5 mil a year. That's a lot of green-o for Geno.

I can't make cool videos like Dom, so here's The Hold Steady with the thematically relevant Constructive Summer