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Islanders Bits: Fleury chased, Tomas Vokoun starts Game 5

After Game 4 of the Islanders and Penguins, people write and record things. We read them. [ALSO: This is your evening playoff watch thread.]

Casey Hapikas
Casey Hapikas
Bruce Bennett

How the Isles can do it? Well, exploiting Fleury enough to win games but not so much that they see Vokoun would help.

>>Some Internet Persona, before Game 1

Sorry for quoting myself there and pulling an "as I said" moment, but I thought it was true then and I feared it ever since: The Islanders needed to take advantage of Marc-Andre Fleury to win, and they have, though Game 3 was a missed opportunity, and now they don't have Marc-Andre Fleury to kick around anymore.

The Islanders have now officially exploited Fleury so much that they will see Tomas Vokoun, yet they needed every one of those goals. (Unless Casey Cizikas' was the last straw?)

We'll see what form Vokoun is in, but he can't be worse than Fleury, at a historic low among current playoff goalies. Vokoun was great against the Isles in 2013, not so much in 2011 and 2012 (small sample alert on all) but it's a good bet the Islanders will start the weaker goalie for Game 5 in Pittsburgh.

That's for tomorrow though. Here is more fodder from Game 4 and the interim: