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Islanders vs. Penguins Series Tied after Game 4: Instant reactions

Le pant, le pant, le pant.

Two more.
Two more.
Bruce Bennett

Well, one thing we knew but had drilled home yet again in Game 4: Neither starting goalie in this series is so hot at stopping pucks. Unfortunately, the Penguins have Thomas Vokoun in reserve, and the Islanders don't.

(If the Penguins don't use Vokoun after this, I'm not sure why they signed him. As Derek Zona of Copper & Blue posted on Twitter: "Since 'his cup' Fleury's save percentage is .884 in 30 playoff games.")

Seriously, Evgeni Nabokov and Marc-Andre Fleury are playing like they're wearing Glenn Healy and Tom Barrasso's equipment from 1993. Except those guys were more entertaining.

This series though? It's plenty entertaining. Ye gods.

To be fair, Fleury was probably worse than Nabokov on this night, though we are talking about a pretty softie, er soft, standard here.

Meanwhile, the Islanders continued their excellent 5-on-5 play, they finally got some special teams luck to break their way, and Kyle Okposo continued his beast mode.

Travis Hamonic continued to get under Evgeni Malkin's skin, with Malkin grabbing Hamonic's head in the game-ending scrum, eliciting an overhand swing from Hamoinc which invited a series of undercuts from Malkin. (Memo to Mario Lemieux: You better look into this, and rethink your involvement with this game.)

Also: John Tavares had himself a moment:


Your data links and highlights are below. This is your quick reaction thread. Have fun.

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