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Islanders vs. Penguins - Game 4 Nap Updates: Orpik, Neal returning?

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy...

Let's GO!
Let's GO!
Bruce Bennett

The main buzz coming out of morning skates before Game 4 between the New York Islanders and Pittsburgh Penguins: The Isles are not expecting lineup changes, the Pens could be expecting two.

Pittsburgh has adopted a not-unusual-but-still-absurd policy of discussing no injuries, no nothing before playoff games. It's something playoff teams do more often than not, and almost makes you wish gamblers had more pull on hockey. (Okay, not really, but still...)

Here's on Brooks Orpik and James Neal's possible return from injuries.

For the Islanders, possibly a decision between David Ullstrom and Jesse Joensuu?

Elsewhere, without a hint of irony or reference to the goaltending, here's one morning skate quote from Jack Capuano:

"We make one mistake and it’s in the back of our net. They make three or four mistakes and we may still not score," Capuano said. "I guess I’m not saying perfect, but we have to be close to perfect to be successful."

Find plenty of photos, quotes and links to gameday audio over at the Islanders' official site.

Over at PenBurgh, they argue the much-maligned (outside of Pittsburgh) Douglas Murray has done a surprisingly good job counteracting the Islanders' forecheck.

T-minus however-many-hours-before-seven-that-you-read-this and counting...