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Islanders Bits: For Game 2, all agree something better

The New York Islanders tried to regroup after their opening game blowout loss.

If you hadn't yet seen this year's CBC Hockey Night in Canada warmup video, it's worth a watch, above. (Particularly if you're a The Who fan. But sorry about the still screenshot there.)

On to the linkage, as we prep for Game 2 of the Islanders' series with the Penguins:

Tyson Strachan and Lars Eller were teammates in the Blues system. Strachan blames...Eller's teammate:

This is how I know Jack Capuano does not comment in our live game threads:

"Sometimes after a game you get emotional and the first thing that runs through your head is some guys didn’t have their best games and maybe we’ll make changes," said coach Jack Capuano. "But until you watch the tape and analyze the situation..."

Analyze? Pshhh, all the answers are abundantly clear during and immediately following the game, when emotions are high and the solutions are readily available on the Internet.

Fun Darryl Sutter quote on the thus-far excellent Blues-Kings series:

“Two top defensive teams, shots against in the league. There’s no surprises, really. It’s just a lot of hard inches and tough shifts out there.”

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