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For Rangers, a Fashionable Funeral (slide show)

A host of high-profile celebrities wearing the year's hottest designers gathered to pay their final respects to the New York Rangers after their final loss of the season.

(Note: The following slide show was scheduled to be published in the New York Times Fashion And Style Section this morning, but was pulled at the last moment for unknown reasons. E-mail inquiries to both the Times and the New York Rangers have not been answered as of this time. Lighthouse Hockey operatives within the paper were able to rescue the gallery and we have posted it here for your pleasure.)

Another Rangers season is in the books and, as usual, the team spared no expense to celebrate. Movie stars, musicians, designers and a veritable who's-who of New York society gathered at the Radio City Music Hall for a gala send-off dedicated to this year's team.

The Time's team of style and sports experts have put together a slide show to give those who could not score an exclusive invitation a brief glimpse into the glitz and glamor of the Rangers' annual funeral. (hover over the photos for captions)


This is a parody of a satire of a farce.