Let's Do This! Sunday Morning Tailgate Brunch at NVMC for Game 3

Our first playoff game at NVMC is on a Sunday- at noon?

So be it!

We have decided to pull a bit of an AM tailgate before the game- screw you and your schedule, NBC! :-P

There are few of us who are in so far- I hope more of you come, too.

We are gonna have a grill to make some breakfast & (albeit early) lunch foods and drinks before the game. We figured we would start the party at 9-930AM (I know, I know... but this game is starting SO frickin early!)

We wanted to use this post to get an idea of who will come by and who will want some food and drinks so that we can gauge what we need. This is what we are thinking so far:

Eggs (scrambled)
Fruit (I already have an idea for this lol)

Box of Coffee from DDs
Champagne/sparkling wine

Paper Plates
Paper cups
Aluminum wrap
Disposable pie tin

(Any other food/beverage/etc suggestions?)

We are gonna pick a location for this and post it here.
We will have a sign that you will all recognize. :)

So, who is coming to hang out before the game?
Do you want to bring anything? Bryan and I are gonna split this stuff up between us- but whatever anyone wants to bring from above (or your own ideas) would be great- just let us know here, because we will be doing the rest of the shopping for what we need on Saturday.

So- anyone? Answer the poll and let everyone know :)

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