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Official: Islanders to Play Rangers at Yankee Stadium on Jan. 29, 2014

Outdoor hockey. Yankee Stadium. A lovely mix of fans, no doubt.

If he's on the roster, it won't be Anders Lee's first outdoor game.
If he's on the roster, it won't be Anders Lee's first outdoor game.
Jonathan Daniel

If you haven't heard, the reports that first surfaced last month are now officially announced: The New York Islanders will indeed play an outdoor game, 7:30 p.m. EST on Jan. 29 at Yankee Stadium against the New York Rangers. That will be three days after the Rangers face the New Jersey Devils in the same venue.

Access to tickets will be guaranteed for season ticket holders. Beyond that, no ticket details yet.

Unlike the 2013 season, Jan. 29 will be a mid-season encounter as the playoff chase really heats up, rather than a date early in a lockout-ravaged year.

With multiple outdoor games next season, this does not mean any kind of "24/7"-style TV coverage, but there will be plenty of hype and media leading up to the event.

NHL Network and will provide extensive coverage live from New York leading up to and after the games. NHL Social will have exclusive coverage on all social platforms, including the use of the hashtag #StadiumSeries.

Other games reported to be in the series:

  • Jan. 1: Leafs vs. Red Wings (the "traditional" Winter Classic at Michigan Stadium)
  • Jan. 25: Ducks vs. Kings at Dodger Stadium
  • Jan. 26: Rangers vs. Devils at Yankee Stadium
  • Jan. 29: Islanders vs. Rangers at Yankee Stadium
  • March 1: Penguins vs. Blackhawks at Soldier Field
  • March 2: Senators vs. Canucks at BC Place (reported, but not officially announced)

The Islanders posted interviews with Kyle Okposo, Matt Moulson and Matt Martin talking about the event.