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Islanders Bits, Game 5 Reactions: Rebound, pick up and get back to it

The New York Islanders disappointed in Game 5, with some lightning strikes by the Penguins taking the game away. Now they discuss how to respond.

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The net: My joy. My residence. My bane. My everything.
The net: My joy. My residence. My bane. My everything.
Justin K. Aller

To a man, the New York Islanders players and coaches are saying they've been here before, they've hit the skids, and they've come out resilient. So they're talking the talk; they've previously backed it up. At minimum, expect a great effort worthy of your admission on Saturday night, and we'll see where the chips fall.

Some readings from last night:

Frans Nielsen's lower body injury is "day to day," and after watching video over and over I still can't tell what happened when he went behind the net with Matt Niskanen. He kept striding, passed the puck, then skated to the bench. Groin/abdominal? Something else? Get well soon. And by soon, I mean by Saturday.

The game, recapped: Newsday, with Strait saying of Vokoun: "He played well, but we didn't challenge him really." | Daily News even covers a road game (!) | USA Today | Our LHH reaction | KQ at IPB | The Checking Line

Tyler Kennedy, asked about his breakaway goal on post-game TV:

"I was thinking high glove the whole time."

This was funny, from the Post-Gazette Pens beatwriter::

Barns > luxury suites

Anyway, lots of good quotes from the Isles in the P-G writeup, including Tavares:

"They played the way they usually like to play and I think a lot of that was us not being hard enough and not making it tough on them," Tavares said. "We got ourselves going, a decent start, much better than we had here in the past and then we got away from our game for a few minutes there and their transition took over. With the talent they have, they're lethal with that."


Wait, so you're saying the Internet was wrong, and the Daily News ran with it? GET. OUT.

The Habs are out. The Sens had the opposite of Montreal's awful luck. We'll see where this leads in the second round.

Finally, to cheer you up, and prime the pump for Saturday, our own FIGmeister and Master of Power Tablature (ICanSeeForIslesAndIsles) captured what it was like at the Coliseum for the John Tavares Game 4 winner: