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New York Islanders Bits: Playoff Game 1 is upon us

So many things to read. As if you're working right now anyway.

It's a religious time of year.
It's a religious time of year.
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Except for a lucky two to four teams, playoffs can come and go fast. But while they're here, the going is good and the coverage is plentiful. Plenty of reading to gorge on, as well as some site notes (FIG picks, watch parties) below:

Coverage Plan

If you're a regular here, just fair warning that we'll have several posts today. That might be a little much for you if you're OCD about checking comments. But it's a big day, and the beginning of the Isles' first series of the spring, so we want to get a lot out there before we get into the routine with a game every other day.

Of note, we'll likely have multiple game threads, depending on traffic volume.

Playoff Watch Parties

Gathering, level 20? No, gatherings. People are interested in playoff watch gatherings. Please chime in if you have something going on.

For example, I've heard from some long-distance fans, including one who is headed from Canada for his first Coliseum game in 30 years. This person must be treated right. So what are your pre-game plans for Game 3? I know Islanders Mania is having a tailgate for Game 3. (And no, I don't know what all the politics are among Isles fan forums and frankly don't care. Want to meet fans? Meet fans.)

And D.C. Fans: Another gathering at 51st State. Details here.

And Brooklyn Fans: I know there was a Brooklyn invite forwarded to me, but ... I can't find the info. Chime in or tweet me and I'll add to this post.

FIG Picks

We haven't properly feted Zach779 for his regular season FIG championship, but we will. For now though, it's time for more. Leave your First Islanders Goal picks for Game 1 in this thread.