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Video - Moment of Nabby: 'If you let the guard go, you can find yourself pretty quick in the other way'

In which we continue to enjoy the informal Nabby and Maven show.

Whether he's stopping 94% of pucks or 90% of pucks, Evgeni Nabokov's post-game interviews have been a season-long delight for Islanders fans of a particular sense of humor and outlook on why we bother diverting so much attention to sport.

The goalie is known for introspection, for helping his teammates out vocally on the ice (in practice and during games), and, we've found, for a fun brand of chemistry with longtime New York hockey scribe and broadcaster Stan Fischler.

It's pretty clear both Nabby and Fischler enjoy their post-game exchanges. And frankly, no matter how this season turns out, ancillary things like this are part of what makes exciting seasons a fun ride. Here he is after Tuesday night's 4-1 win over the Flyers:

An excerpt:

Fischler: "You're a cool cat. How excited are you inside with what's happening?"

Nabby: "Ah you know, as the process goes on, you know, everything is positive and good things happen, you can't get carried away. It's such a fight for the playoffs, and with eight games left, if you let the guard go, you can find yourself pretty quick in the other way..."

Fishler: "What you're telling me is I have to be excited for you."

Nabby: "Well, it would be nice..."

Nabokov went on to say in his second year of his career he stopped watching hockey news and reading the papers: "It's this, it's this ... too much information, too much for my brain."