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Islanders Gameday Bits: Big Chance to Bury the Flyers

Tied for seventh overall in the East, the Isles have a chance to put the nail in the coffin of a division rival.

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Universe so big.
Universe so big.
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Granted every game in the NHL can turn up heads or tails, but if you're doing some schedule sketching for the final nine games -- and judging by recent comments, many of you are -- then you've already told yourself this is a huge week.

With 42 points, the Islanders could go 5-4 in their last nine and possibly make the playoffs, while 6-3 would look very promising. But whether you're affording them four or three or maybe just two losses in the calculator in your head, the toughest remaining candidates may be Philadelphia tonight (psychologically at least), Boston Thursday (because they're good) and the Rangers Saturday (because it's the rivalry game...and the Rangers should be good).

FIG Picks

Leave your First Islanders Goal picks in this thread. The standings are still changing down the stretch, including a wife pulling ahead of her lesser half.