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NHL Trade Deadline Wrap [open thread II]: Gaborik, Bishop, Pominville, Comeau traded late

It started off very slow, but as the NHL Trade Deadline hit its final hours some big names shook loose.

March Blake Comeau is a Blue Jacket in April.
March Blake Comeau is a Blue Jacket in April.
Bruce Bennett

This post is mostly a fresh thread for our commenters and mobile users (the morning thread continues here). As the 2013 NHL Trade Deadline wound down to a close, it picked up serious steam with a host of late trades of notable names.

None from the Isles though, other than some fun scuttlebutt about them chasing Brandon Saad.

Major trades:

More is likely to trickle in as the clock strikes 3 p.m. EDT and any late filings filter in. [For example: Luongo pulled off the ice...? UPDATE: Nope, nothing to see here.] But we needed a new thread, and a place to digest NHL Trade Deadline 2013.

So the Isles were quiet (which could be good or bad, depending on your lens). Otherwise, how was Deadline 2013 for you?