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NHL Trade Deadline Day [open thread]

Our place for discussing NHL-wide deadline news, and sharing links to the latest updates.

Another shot of Anders Lee because because.
Another shot of Anders Lee because because.

Welcome to the 2013 NHL Trade Deadline thread-a-ganza! The deadline is today at 3 p.m. EDT. A lot of the big names moved before deadline day this season, so it may be even quieter than recent years.

For Islanders fans, it could be very quiet indeed as they're in a playoff push and don't have many names even potentially in play. (Candidates include Mark Streit, Brad Boyes and Marty Reasoner.)

We've already taken a closer look at the Isles status and needs earlier this week -- so you can revisit those posts on the forwards, on the defensemen and the goalies. We'll provide new, separate threads for any significant Islanders news.

But this thread is our all-day "water cooler" open thread, where you can discuss and share news and views of any trades around the league. We might even update it with league news when there's time.

But really, this is where our commenters can guide the content. Posting news of trades is great, rumors from mainstream media too. All we ask is that you please post a link to your source if you're sharing "news." It's way too easy for misinformation to spread otherwise, and we aren't in the business of rumor-mongering here. There are other sites on the web for that.

Read, watch, share, enjoy.