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Islanders Bits: Parings set, Penguins playoff previews roll in

With playoff schedules set, the previews begin for the Islanders-Penguins series that kicks off Wednesday.

You and whose army?
You and whose army?
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

The New York Islanders' playoff opponent was determined last night, and now all hands are on deck to prepare for the most fun time of the NHL year: Eight playoff series kicking off within days.

Here's last night's thread with the schedule of the Islanders' first-round series with the Pittsburgh Penguins. And here's the full league's first-round schedule. Three Western series begin Tuesday, three series (including Isles-Pens) begin Wednesday, and the final two (Ottawa vs. Montreal, New York vs. Washington) begin on Thursday.

With pairings set, series previews are launching. Here's a tour of several Isles-Pens links and previews:


More to come later. And as always, share more good reads in comments and FanShots. (And commenters, please don't be idiots to one another. Playoffs are fun. Moderating comment sections is tiring. Patience for babysitting needs will be thin. Full stop.)