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New York Islanders Gameday Bits: Speed bump.

Last night -- particularly the speed bump -- was a bummer. The only bummer thus far in April.

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"Oh, anyone of us could've pulled that off."
"Oh, anyone of us could've pulled that off."

No rest for the road weary. The New York Islanders finish their regular season (and stake their final claim to a higher seed) tonight in Buffalo.

The past few days I'd been thinking about matchups and preview themes for a possible playoff meeting with the Capitals. With last night's loss I was reminded that we have no idea who the Islanders' opponent will be. Pittsburgh, Boston, Montreal, Washington -- all are still possible.

The Rangers and Senators both clinched playoffs spots -- and leaped the Isles in the standings -- with OT victories last night. Out West, no one clinched but Dallas was officially eliminated. Detroit, Minnesota and future Islanders divisional doormat Columbus are vying for two spots.

Here are a few links as we prep for tonight:

FIG Picks

Leave your First Islanders Goal picks in this thread. (I just realized the season continues after tonight. So ... continue the FIG pool until it's over? Do a separate postseason FIG standings? Votes, anyone?)