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New York Islanders Gameday Bits: Do not settle.

Bridgeport conducts its season-end interviews, while the Islanders prepare to march on.

Party move to Philadelphia now?
Party move to Philadelphia now?
Bruce Bennett

Hockey, hockey, hockey! Yeah, hockey is fun. Especially when things are good. Things are good now, no?

The Islanders have two games to go. Tonight and tomorrow. On the road, but that whole "ooooh, road, scary" thing hasn't mattered in 14 of their 22 games away from Nassau Coliseum thus far.

Meanwhile, though the playoff spot is clinched, there is still something to gain -- like ensuring the "Pass Go, Collect $200" 6th seed that ensures a first-round matchup against the Southeast Division "champion" Washington Capitals. Sure, the Caps are hot, but as far as road matchups go that one wouldn't be too shabby. Torgo has outlined the seeding scenarios for you.

Anyway, that's getting ahead of ourselves. Game tonight. We'll have some Flyers humor a little later, followed by a proper game preview in the afternoon to get us warmed up. For now, some links:

The Bridgeport Sound Tigers fan appreciation video:


Tonight's opponent, the Flyers had a meaningless win over the Bruins the other night? Why meaningless? Because they're out. But a good picture of where they are is in this "3 Questions with Travis Hughes" from before that game. Man, it's almost like the Islanders have a good defense now where they used to rely too much on guys like Bruno Gervais ... and the Flyers used to have a good defense but now they rely too much on guys like Bruno Gervais.

Seth Jones tops the final Central Scouting list for 2013.

Well well well, look who's taking a very emphatic timeout with a 3-1 lead. Bravo, Mr. Babcock. Bravo.

So I guess junior playoff series really shouldn't end this way, but then teenagers:

FIG Picks

Leave your First Islanders Goal picks for tonight's game in this thread. We are down to the wire. The top of the leaderboard:

23 - Bryan2112
23 - zack779
21 - martylnd
21 - PGI
19 - Isle in Dixie
18 - TheMarvelousStingRay
17 - Dan VA


Finally: Boy, we virtually partied the other night when the Isles clinched. Turns out, so did official Lighthouse Dog #2. She was a bit hung over in the morning: