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3-Minute Island: Cheers and thank you, readers

A raise of the glass, a tip of the cap to our fellow Islanders fans throughout the land.

Playoffs?! Playoffs.

The sappy video below was my own instant reaction to news of the Islanders clinching Tuesday night. The joy so many of you showed in comments, on Facebook, through Tweets and everywhere else was a rewarding release for me and the whole crew here at LHH.

No doubt that was a microcosm of all the conversations and texts and celebrations going around the world in Islanders Country. I woke up to a flood of email notes and notifications from people who live anywhere from 10 minutes from the Coliseum to 10 time zones away. Europe, Asia ... tons and tons from Canada and across the U.S. (Oh, and Australia too. KIA KAHA!) That's fantastic.

We all bring our own back stories and memories to this silly little diversion. We all have reasons it can bring us to tears (both happy and sad). Thanks for celebrating. Thanks for sharing your tales of fellow fans young and old. And thanks for reading and sticking with us.

Get ready for more fun and games. Hopefully spring hockey becomes a habit.